Besides oils and fats, an anti-friction (AF) coating is a way of greasing components.

An AF-coating is a suspension of fixed grease-substances and solvents. After the coating has been applied to the metal surface the solvents evaporate and the grease-substances permanently attach themselves to the surface that needs greasing. The AF-coating separates the metal components, this prevents the metals from touching which limits friction and wear.

AF-coating is ideal in extreme conditions, such as extremely high temperatures or pressure. It can also be used  to grease up engines and engine-components that need test-running or as an emergency-run grease-up before hydrodynamic greasing is obtained.    

The advantages of  AF-coatings are:

– a maintenance free, life-time greasing
– extremely high temperature resistance and pressure resistance
– clean greasing
– protection against corrosion
– protection against ‘bite’

See also wet-coatings and powder-coatings