A wet-coating is usually chosen when the appearance of a product is of great importance.Wet-coating takes place in three climate-controlled spray-cabins. The first cabin contains a rail-construction on which heavier products can be coated. The second cabin is specially made for smaller / easier to handle products and the third cabin is used to apply high gloss coatings. After the coating has been applied the products are transported to a hot-air oven by a power & free line where the drying process takes place.

Wet-coating can be applied with 5 different techniques. A variety of coatings can be used depending on the technique used:

– component coatings
– air drying coatings
– heat coatings
– conductive coatings
– structure coatings
– water coatings

Wet-coatings are usually easy to apply and available in various colors and degrees of gloss. Most wet-coatings are excellent in resisting chemicals and corrosion.

Also see powder-coatings and antifriction-coatings.